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About Blood Bank

  • The Blood Bank was cradled in the year 2005 and is licensed from "DRUG CONTROLLER, UP GOVT" and is approved by "DRUG CONTROLLER, Govt Of INDIA" .
  • The Blood Bank was formally inaugurated by the then Central Minister for Medical & Health Dr.C.P. Thakur on July 2005
  • It was started on a small scale in the very of its beginning. There were only 400 to 500 units of blood per month and were doing manual blood banking with storage capacity of 600 bags. The testing procedures (partially by ELISA method and partially by RAPID method) were also manual.
  • 4. For the Security & safety measures, Elisa technology for serology testing made available in the year 2007. A walk away system from a Multinational Company M/s Bio- Rad India Pvt. Ltd. four plate Evolis Twins Plus installed.
  • To combat manual & human errors computerization of the Blood Bank with Intranetworking was done started in 2008.
  • To secure safety measures & get rid off professional Donors, Bio- Metric System was started for registration of donors in year 2010.
  • To further improvise the technology Grouping & Cross Matching of the Blood to be issued, Colum Gel Technology started in year 2010.
  • A very important venture started in year 2013 since the clinical uses of FFP at our place is minimal so extra FFP instead of going in the waste, all remaining FFP Bags now be supplied to a drug manufacturing company for fractionation of FFP. It not only became beneficial for the medical fraternity in getting plasma fraction, the drugs like albumin, Factor Viii, Fibrinogen & other useful products, but also raised the financial position of the Blood Bank, as well.
  • Taking care of outbreak of some viral vector born diseases as epidemic like dengue, Chicken Guinea, J. E., AES. & other in which platelates come down very low leading to life threat. A Platelate Apheresis Machine was installed in year 2014. Platelate from this machine which is known as SDP very effective in severe thrombocytopenia due to the above epidemic dieses.
  • Further improving the technology an auto separator named G5 Cell Separator from Fresenius Kabi was installed in the year 2015. This process not only fastened the separation process but was giving a quality product.
  • After introduction of G5 Technology separation the Blood Bank started making of leucoreduced PRBC in the year 2015. The method used is Top & Bottom Blood bag technique.
  • As the demand for Blood in infant & children are in part or parts of a Blood Bag comes in regularly in large no. sterilization for transfer of bags and blood was a challenge earlier now became full proof by this connecting device. The machine Compodock was installed in the year 2016.
  • Hemoglobin Testing of donor’s was done by Copper Sulphate technique, has now been raised to accurate measurement of Hemoglobin by instrument Haemocue Analyzer in the year 2017.