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This Blood Bank has got a unique feature of having a Blood Donation Van because of blessing from our chair person Shri Yogi Aditya Nath Ji Maharaj. This Van was handed over to the Blood Bank on 19th may 2019. This is historical achievement because such endeavor has been under taken for the first time in private sector in entire Uttar Pradesh. This feature will increase to inspire people of this region to come forwarded for Voluntary Blood Donation. This will enable us to achieve the target set by government of India that by year 2020 all Blood Banks should Issue blood to the patients received from voluntary Blood Donors and not replacement Donors.
The van is doing tremendous work for voluntary donations. It is a matter of curiosity all around in the region. Future of voluntary blood donation looks very bright due to availability of this Van.

  • Fully Computerized and Bar Coding Facilities
  • Use of Biometric System - Photo, Finger Print, and Complete Identity of the donor to avoid input of Professional Donor.
  • GEL TECHNIQUE for Cross Matching for Blood & grouping aided by Banjo the gel Card reader equipment with full documentations.
  • 1800 Units storage capacity.
  • SDP : Aphersis Platelet available
  • Leucopoor PRBC available
  • Tests Conducted :-
    • HIV - 4th generation
    • HCV
    • Hapititis B - 4th generation
    • Syphilis
    • Malarial Parasite

Equiped with

  • Evolis 4 Plus :- Fully automated walk away (BIO-RAD) open Elisa micro plate System in Blood Bank
  • Elisa - Auto Reader-4011 (SPAN)
  • Elisa - Auto Washer-4021 (SPAN)
  • Semi Automatic Coagulation Analyzer - Start 4 (SATGO, FRANCE) 4-Channel Coagulation instrument with intergrated printer Calculator.
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge Compofuge 3 Nos.
  • Ultra low freezer (-80c) BDI-4739 (REMI)
  • Ultra low freezer (-80c) (Insignia)
  • Quick freezer (Plasma-40c)-BDI-4642(REMI)
  • Blood Storage Cabinet - BDI - 3525 (REMI 1 No.)
  • Blood Storage Cabinet - BDI - 3524 (REMI 1 No.)
  • Platelet Incubator - Pl-10 plus. (REMI)
  • Platelet Agitator - PR-10 Plus
  • Cryoprecipitate Bath - CB-704
  • Tube Sealer - 1010 (TERUMO PANPOL)
  • Tube Sealer (INSIGNIA)
  • COMPO Scale - CS 300 (TERUMO PANPOL)
  • Blood Storage Cabinet (TERUMO PANPOL)
  • Blood Storage Cabinet = (BRC-300) (INSIGNIA 3 Nos.)
  • Blood Collection Monitor - Baxter/Fenwal/Remi 5 Nos.
  • Laminar Air Flow
  • Banjo Gel Card reader from Biorad
  • Sterile connecting Devices (Fresehius Kabi) Compodoc
  • Platelet Apheresis (Comtec) (Fresehius Kabi
  • G-5 Cell seperator freserius kabi
  • Hemo Analyzer (Hemo Cue)
  • Sexo Gel Card Readar From Bio-Rad